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NSW Open 2018



The NSW Open 2018 is part of the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour (ABVT). Dates and locations will be announced shortly.

Last year's regulations and tournament details can be found below. This is subject to change for the 2018 season. 




There is a new format for the ABVT which will be introduced at the NSW Open. The Main Draw (Div 1) will consist of 16 teams per gender, with 12 teams having direct entry (8 Australian teams, 4 Wild Cards). The remaining 4 teams come from a single elimination qualifier. Teams that do not qualify for the Main Draw will be placed into Div 2 which will be played concurrently with the Main Draw. Teams can nominate to enter into Div 1 or directly into Div 2 if they do not wish to play the qualification for the Main Draw.

Please note the player eligibility and definition of Australian team and International team and the allocation of Wild Cards (see Sports Regulation attached, clause 2.3)


Australian Beach Volleyball Tour Sport Regulations
All individuals wishing to participate in the NSW Open 2017 must read and accept the ABVT Sport Regulations Document. The document is available here


How to Register
Division 1 - International Teams/Players only & Australian Teams seeking a Wildcard Entry (closed)

Division 1 - International Teams/Players only & Australian Teams seeking a Wildcard Entry

An International team wishing to apply for inclusion onto the ABVT must submit a letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including details on your current playing experience, any national or international rankings, a Letter of Clearance from the athlete‚Äôs National Federation and any other relevant information. All applications must be received a minimum of 28 days prior to the 1st competition day of the requested event.

An Australian team wishing to apply for a Wild Card must submit a letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. including specific details on why a Wild Card is required when compared to coming through the Qualifying Tournament. Wild Cards to Australian teams will only be issued in extraordinary situations.

For complete rules and regulations on International team entries for Divison 1 and Australian Wild Card entries for Divions 1, please review the International Wild Card Information Australian Beach Volleyball Tour 2017/18Australian Beach Volleyball Tour 2017/18 document. 

Division 1 & 2 Registration  (closed)

* In order to be eligible to compete in Division 1, athletes must have competed in a State Tour Event during the 2016/2017 and/or current season *

All entries are to register online through Fortix via the link below. One entry per team is required. The individual completing the form will be nominated as the primary contact for the team. If you are an International team seeking a wildcard entry into division 1, please refer to the Wildcard Entry Process noted above. Athletes looking to participate in Division 1 must be aware of clause 2.3 "entry information and wildcards " regarding player eligibility (Available in the ABVT Sport Regulations document above)

International players registering for Div 2 can also register via the link below.


Closing date and Seeding - Registration Closed

Entries close 7 days before the first day of competition. Teams will then be informed if they are required to play in the qualification event. For seeding information please refer to the Sports Regulations, clause 2.5.

For any questions please email the NSW Event Manager at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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