Under 16’s Women  
Bronze Medal Game: DRA  def UNSW 3:2
Gold Medal Game: UTS SS6    def UTS SS7 3:0
Under 19’s Women
Bronze Medal Game: UTS SS2  def  UNSW 3:1
Gold Medal Game: END  def  UTS SS5 3:2
Under 19’s Men
Bronze Medal Game: SNV  def  EAG 3:0
Gold Medal Game:  DRA  def SWK 3:2
Women’s Division 2
Bronze Medal Game: ILLA  def SNVB 3:2
Gold Medal Game: CCD  def UTS 3:0
Men’s Division 2
Bronze Medal Game: UTS 2  def EAG 3:0
Gold Medal Game: UTS  def USYDG 3:1
Women’s Division 1
Bronze Medal Game: UNSW  def  SNV 3:2
Gold Medal Game: UTS CC  def EAG 3:1
Men’s Division 1        
Bronze Medal Game: USYDB  def  SNV 3:1
Gold Medal Game: UNSW  def SWK 3:2
Women’s Honours
Bronze Medal Game: UNSW  def END 3:0
Gold Medal Game: UTSB  def DRA  3:1
Men’s Honours
Bronze Medal Game: DRA  def  USYD  3:1
Gold Medal Game: UTSB  def UNSW 3:1



























2015 Honours ALL STAR – Women’s
Outside – Lily Borger (UTSB)
Middle – Wendy Edwards (UTSB)
Universal – Kristina Knezovic (USYD)
Setter – Anna Phillips (UTSB)
Libro – Sharmaine Fernando (USYD) 

Server - Danae Stasinoulia (USYD)

All Rounder – Christie Mokotupu (END)

2015 Honours ALL STAR – Men’s

Outside – Liam Watson (Dragons))
Middle – Nathan Lovett (UTS Black)
Universal – Artem Ipatyev (UTS Black
Setter – Dimitri Sidiropoulos (UTS Black)
Libro – Mark O'Donovan (Dragons)

Server - Artem Ipatyev (UTS Black
All Rounder – Andrew Lyell (UTS Black)

2015 Club Champions
1st - UTS
2nd - Hills Dragons
3rd - UNSW
4th - USYD
4th - Sydney West Volleyball
6th - Eagles
6th - Endeavour Academy
6th - SNV
9th - Illawarra 
10th - Manly 
10th - Sydney Hawks 

NSWVRA 2015 Referee Awards
Most Improved Referee of the Year: Natalia Krivonogova
Rookie of the Year: Kristina Knenovic
Referee of the Year: Colin Lai

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