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From March 18-28th Manly Beach was transformed into a Beach Volleyball Paradise! First up was the Australia Beach Tour Finals, then the 4 Nations Cup and the culminating event over the Easter weekend, the Asian Championships. These three events were a great sucess and set a new standard for Beach Volleyball events in Australia. In order to run such a large event, Volleyball Australia and State Volleyball NSW relied on the help and support of Volunteers; beach and indoor players, referees, events managment students, and super-fans! . We are absolutely humbled and amazingly proud of the amount of people who showed up for Volleyball and generously gave up their time over the Easter weekend. 

We would like to acknowledge all the behind scenes volunteers that showed up to help us make these events a sucess (in no particular order): 


Katja Imholz - NBVA

Aaron Krahe – Lines Judge, VIC

Ka Man Chan - NSWVRA

Mun Lum – NBVA

Kane Booker - NBVA

Irina Penkina – UTS Volleyball / NSWVRA

Fred Wang – NSWVRA

Roman Stupak – Vostok / NSWVRA

Keith Suckling – UTS Volleyball / SVNSW Board

Kristina Knezovic - USYD

Elena Kolb - NBVA

Nicole Tung - NBVA

Sandrine Le Gaillard - NBVA

Chantal Tung – NBVA

Craig Lowe – UTSSU

Dani Hinton - Court Manager, Brisbane 

Gregor Salvin –

Romana Zhang –

Lauran Braunston –

Anne Jordan - CBVA

Radim Mokrohajsky –

Bruna Polegato – UTS Volleyball

Ondrej  Hromadko – NBVA

Alice Rohkamper - NBVA

Irene Alonso – Scorer, Volleyball WA

Esther Lee – SNV / NSWVRA

Fiona Doyle - BBVA

James Valtorta - NBVA

Kate Longley – Scorer, VIC

Michaela Vorlova –

Natalia  Krivonogova – UTS Volleyball

Ruby Hreszczuk – Ball Retriever extraordinaire

Harry Hzezczuk – HJH Media

Melita Khawly - NBVA

Hannah Seo – Ryde SC  

David Kim – Ryde SC      

Alexia Khalil (and Dad, Joe) – U15 Sydney Metro

Emma Iakopo – Volleyball Super-fan

Daniela Giacomelli– Volleyball Super-fan

Andrew Hamilton - SNV

Clara Leung – Ryde SC   

Lynus Wong – UTS Volleyball

Michael Li – The Scot’s College  

Yoshiko Ueda – UTS Volleyball

Georgia Newman – UTS Volleyball          

Sahej Chaudhary - UTS Volleyball            

Alo Gibbons – NBVA / UTS Volleyball

Nikki Fang - UTS Volleyball

Sarah Liang - UTS Volleyball

Deanna Zimaras - UTS Volleyball

Jojo Cai - Ryde SC

Andrew Hamilton - SNV               

Sabine Link – NBVA        

Tyson Dagenais -NBVA

Max Dagenais - NBVA

Molly Smestad - NBVA

Sujith Kavali –

Joshua Soo –

Georgia Peisley – Pittwater HS

Deb Chung - UTS Volleyball / SVNSW Board        

Joshua Munter - UTS Volleyball

Jett Rocker-Graham - NBVA       

Mia Brotherton - UTS Volleyball

Elizabeth Min-kyung Kim – Ryde SC        

Kiefer Sinclair – Pittwater HS

Eileen Liao - UTS Volleyball         

Gracie Ingram – St. Mary’s Primary         

Bianca Perre – U15 Sydney Metro

Martin Kaufer – Canberra Heat

Susan Wang - UTS Volleyball

Amarzaya Baasandorj – Deaf Volleyball Australia

Ross Downey – St Mary’s Primary           

Rory - St Mary’s Primary

Adrian - St Mary’s Primary          

Brooke Mitchell – Teacher – Pittwater HS

Aleesa May – Pittwater HS

George Jigalin – UTS Volleyball / Social Media expert

Jack Bozorg Rad – Deaf Volleyball Australia

Cora Hille – UTS Sports Management Program

Emily Wilson – Event Management

Luke Bigucci – World League Volunteer

Ikumi Sekine – World League Volunteer

Dan Catchpoole – NSW State Team Coach

Lydia + Bryce - NBVA

Alex Orgo – Volunteer extraordinaire

Demelza Howard – Event Management

Susan Smith – Manly local Volunteer Extraordinaire        

Harb Corbett – Media Specialist / Sports Event Volunteer

Victor Jiang – USYD / SVNSW Board

Atsushi Oshima - USYD

Rebecca Mills – Event Management

Glen Duncombe - SNV

Gemma Kerrison – UTS Volleyball

Jo Kelly – UTS Volleyball

Jali Blair-Simmons– UTS Volleyball

Dimi Sidiropoulos– UTS Volleyball

Ana Tarbetsky - USYD

Dave Abdulla - USYD

Roger Jones – COE Coach

Tom Steele - COE

Alex Lyndon - COE

Matt Gigliotti - COE

Toni Gigliotti – COE parent

Zack Plant - COE

Liam Simes - COE

Oliver Evans - COE

Lewis Jupp - COE

Brad Wall – COE Coach

Ben Vozzo – COE

Joel Vozzo – COE

Angus Mackay - COE

Hugh Catchpoole - COE

Sabine & Matt – COE coach + partner

Claudia Marshall – COE

Bridget Vanderham - COE

Laura Marshall – COE

Harriet Gillson - COE

Pam Hatweiger - NBVA

Mischa Maly - Dragons

Marika Heblinski - NBVA

George Chalhoub - NSWVRA

* We apologise if we forgot to add anyone! 


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