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 Applications for individual member registration are now open.

Over 3,000 volleyball participants held membership with SVNSW in 2017. 
Will you be part of this growing volleyball community in 2018?


The SVNSW individual membership structure for the 2018/2019 season (1st April 2018 – 31st March 2019) is NOW online.

NOTE: Platinum, Gold & Regional Memberships have now been extended. Any membership taken now will be valid until 31.3.2020

Individual memberships comprise of seven categories, which SVNSW hopes will provide members with the ability to access the most applicable level of service for their needs, please refer to the Service Based Membership  hierarchy for further information. Please follow the links below when deciding on your membership category.


Benefits of Individual Member Registration

By registering with an Affiliate of State Volleyball NSW, you are joining the NSW Volleyball Community. Members will enjoy events, services and information from both Affiliates and SVNSW including:

  • social and representative tournaments;
  • development opportunities to become Accredited Coaches and Referees;
  • information and promotions from SVNSW and Volleyball Australia partners;
  • promotion of community vacancies, programs and event opportunities (state, national and international) via our website and Facebook pages;
  • support at the community level through processes developed by SVNSW as a Child Safe Organisation, and our Affiliates complying with the new NSW Working With Children legislation;
  • volunteer recognition programs and community education programs to build a larger volunteer network in a location near you;
  • a safety net for medical expenses incurred under approved Claims if you are injured.  Through our Player Aaccident Insurance policy, you can claim on our insurance for balances remaining after Medicare and Private Health fund rebates are paid for medical services which will help to get you back onto the court as soon as possible; and
  • registered members have a voice in the direction of State Volleyball NSW.  Affiliates represent you at Workshops and the Annual General Meeting, on the administration and future direction of the sport.

Member registration supports the work of SVNSW to promote the sport, deliver services, grow the game and provide opportunities in volleyball that change the lives of men, women, boys and girls of all ages.


Types of Memberships and Registration Forms






Single Event - 10 days (cannot upgrade)


Single Event - 10 days (cannot upgrade)


(Greater than 250km from Sydney Olympic Park)


(Greater than 250km from Sydney Olympic Park) 




When I register to create my profile on Fortix it asks me to select a club, but I am not a member with a club, what do I do?
If you are new to volleyball and have not yet found a club you can register directly with SVNSW, when asked to select one club at a time through the membership process, select 'NSW General Club' if you are not a member with anyone at that time. During the year if you do join a club, you can add this club at the membership section in your profile.

How do I register?
Complete and fill your Membership Application Form on a computer with payment to SVNSW through Fortix. The links to the each membership level are listed above. If you are not sure what membership level is right for you, check out the Membership discription to find the level appropriate for you.

What Credit Card can I use?
This portal only accept VISA or MASTERCARD

How does it work?
Each member must use their own e-mail address. The e-mail address is your login meaning two members cannot use the same addres to create two diiferent profiles and each member must individually have their own Fortix profile

Once you complete the form, log in to your new user profile using your e-mail and password you have created. You wil be prompted to select a club. If your club does not provide a membership option in the drop down box, please select SVNSW General Club membership to continue.

I've completed the form - now what and how do I find my membership number?
You can log in and update your profile with your information. if you need to select a secondary club (exp. an indoor and beach club' you can do so from  your main page. Your membership number can be found on your profile tab as your 'Customer ID'.

What about next year? 
Once you have created your membership profile, you can login using your same information for years to come! Each year when you need to renew your membership, simply logon to your already created profile and renew your membership for the upcoming season.


**If you want to view your profile or any member information please use the MEMBER LOGIN option above.

If you have any questions relating to Individual Membership, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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