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2020 NSW Junior State Team (Indoor)

Volleyball NSW, has been working through the potential options available to facilitate Volleyball events in NSW in 2020 due to the complications imposed with the COVID19 pandemic.



NSW Athlete Expression of Interest for State Program Support Project – OPEN


VNSW is extremely excited to announce that we are working on creating our remote learning system for our junior athlete developments. Even though it is a challenging time for everyone as we all navigate our way through the COVID-19 crisis, we would like to provide you our maximum support and opportunities with an adaptable pre-plan in our new online platform service as much flexibility as possible so that you can have the confidence to prepare for your performance better with us, when the time is right for us!

If you are considering to be part of the NSW state teams, this is the best opportunity for you!


Coaching EOI (LINK HERE) remains open due to the COVID-19 pandemic!

 All details including position descriptions and requirements can be found in the EOI form.


The health and safety of our athletes, staff and volunteers is paramount and as such we will endeavour to be as up to date as possible and act in accordance with State and Federal Government advice as it happens.


Important Dates

  1. June 1st - Decision to be made on AJVC National Championships. Revised decision to be considered on 1 July if required. (Australian Junior Volleyball Championships Date: 27 Sept. – 3 Oct o Location: Bendigo, Victoria)
  2. July 1st - There will be NO physical programs of any kind before July 1st as a result of the order from public health unless this order is lifted.


Planning Ahead

The EOI will remain open to encourage athletes and coaches to register if they plan on participating in 2020. Volleyball NSW will share information as it comes in to give future participants as much time to plan as possible.


In the mean time

We are building a virtual program for AJVC athletes to support their development during this time off. Any athlete who expresses their interest in the EIO will receive access to this program when it begins.



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